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Purchasing procedure

Land Register

All properties in Germany are registered in Land Registers. The Land Registers are administrated by the local courts. The Land Register contains information regarding the following aspects of the property:

​- ​The exact location according to the cadastral map.
​- ​Size of the property.
​- ​Owner of the property.
​- ​Encumbrances on the property.

A property - whether it's a retail asset or an actual piece of land with or without buildings on it - becomes a marketable asset once it is registered in the Land Register with an own number in the inventory. 


Before commencing the Due Diligence (DD) on the property, the parties sign a Letter Of Intent (LOI) in order to secure exclusivity for a period of at least 1 week for the Legal Due Diligence and at least 4 weeks for the whole Due Diligence Investigation to enable an examination of all relevant documents and parameters of the asset.

Due Diligence

The signing of the LOI is usually followed by a Due Diligence period. The Seller provides the Buyer with all relevant documents for the transaction. Usually, the Buyer provides the Seller a request list, which should be adjusted to the respective type of property. There are 4 main types of Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate:​

- Legal Due Diligence
- Financial​ & Tax​ Due Diligence
​- Technical Due Diligence
- ​​"Chance & Risk​"​​ Location​​​ Analysis


In Germany the purchase procedere  has to be notarized to be valid. The Buyer has the right to choose the notary and he/she usually pays the notary´s services. In order to transfer ownership of a property from the Seller to the Buyer the transfer has to be formally entered into the Land Register.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

The ownership (Transfer of Title) will be officially confirmed after the Buyer pays the Real Estate Transfer Tax: 3,5% to 6,5% of the purchase price, depending on the region of Germany.


In Germany the Buyer usually bears the following costs and fees:

​-​ Real Estate Transfer Tax
​-​ Notary fees​ 
-​ Registration fees
​-​ Legal advisers' fees
​-​ Agents​'​ commission

The owner of a property in Germany has to pay ​annual ​real estate tax (Grundsteuer).

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